The International Series

Welcome to The International Series, the world's first Mounted Martial Equestrian Games series.  An all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting, educating and competing with the military horse and those who love them.

Join us for the upcoming season.  Whether you're interested in being a spectator, volunteer, competitor or just want to learn how to do more with your horse for fun.  There is a place for all from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

The International Series is the only competitive series to feature a variety martial (military) equestrian events including competitions for law enforcement, cavalry, and jousting.  The three most common jousting styles are represented in our competitions.  Each stop in the series is a stand alone event with riders being placed 1-6 in each class and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals being awarded for top riders at each stop.

Rider and horse teams that chose to compete in multiple stops along the series will have cumulative point totals and are eligible to compete for the coveted: 

Charles D. Grant




To begin the process, click the sigh up link below.  Please indicate your interest(s) i.e. spectator, volunteer, competitor, sponsor, student.  (Please note that the number of Jousting slots are limited at each event.  Riders will be selected on a first come first serve basis and are expected to make arrangements for their own armor, horse, transportation and lodging.  The International Series Management will assist riders from outside North America with horse and lodging)