The International Series is not a re-enactor event nor a living history event nor a theatrical show.  These are modern equestrian competitions combining historically inspired elements of all three.  The events are REAL.  The people are REAL.  The horses are REAL.

Our MISSION is to honor those who have gone before us, maintain martial equestrian skills of the ages, and apply them today.

The International Series is the world’s first invitational Mounted Martial Equestrian Games Series running in the summer each year.

Each weekend competition brings world class competitors together to vie for the honor of taking home the gold medal.  No other prizes are awarded.

The International Series uses the rules and guidelines of the International Jousting League, the International Jousting Association, the Ultimate Jousting Championship and the United States Equestrian Federation for classes that these rules pertain.

What are Martial Equestrian Games?


Today’s modern Mounted Martial Equestrian Games include elements from thousands of years of military, law enforcement, and cavalry horse training.  These are the hallmarks of War Horse Training.  These elements include training in Dressage, Jumping, Law Enforcement, Cavalry, and Jousting.  The Cavalry work includes firearms, swordsmanship, and lance work.  The Jousting includes small target work such as lancing rings, lance control and target acquisition.  Modern Law Enforcement work includes tactical obstacles that help riders and horses prepare for rigors of the mounted patrol.

We are honored by and honor those who serve and have served.  Each weekend competition this season is held as a benefit fundraiser.

At our next event we will be raising funds in conjunction with: