The International Series is an all volunteer organization.  All fees go to cover expenses to put on clinics, trainings and shows.

Typical fees cover such expenses as:

  • Balsa - $25 per competitor per match.  So if competitors have (6) matches then the balsa fee will be $150.
  • Insurance - $25 per competitor
  • Judging - approx. $200 per day
  • Announcers - approx. $250 per day
  • Venue - Varies but ranges from $500 to $15,000 per event
  • Tents - Varies but ranges $1,000 per event
  • Stalls - Varies but ranges from $25 to $75 per event
  • EMS - Varies but ranges from $250 -$500 per day
  • Equipment Maintenance - We budget $500 per event
  • Equipment Rental (i.e. Sound equipment, crowd barriers, arena footing, lighting) - Varies
  • Lodging for Staff - Varies
  • Advertizing and Promotion - Varies
  • Misc. - This includes things such as water, snacks, prizes, trophies, etc. - Varies

The average cost of a tournament is $13,810.  We have an all volunteer staff which receives no compensation.  We attempt to raise enough funds to cover the staff's lodging and one meal per tournament.  The staff covers their cost of transportation.  We seek sponsorships to cover much of the cost so that the competitors only have to over the cost of their insurance, stalls, judging, and balsa.