Clinics and Demonstrations

We at The International Series are devoted to assisting equestrians in reaching their highest potential.  We have developed a series of clinics and demonstrations for equestrians of all skill levels.  We are preparing the Spring/Summer 2015 Clinic and Demonstration Schedule right now.  Our goal is to provide clinics and demonstrations that cover the topics that interest people in regional locations that are convenient.  Please let us know which clinics and or demonstration you have interest in and where you would like to be part of one.

Demonstrations Available:

     Our demonstrations are available to Equine Trade Shows, Equestrian Festivals, Equestrian Centers, Schools, Events, and many other venues.  Please contact us if you would like a demonstration at your event.

  1. How to begin to train your War Pony - an introduction to fun
  2. War Pony games for kids (of all ages)
  3. Shiny Metal and other armor bits
  4. Games and fun for youth groups
  5. Historical Jousting ( for schools and educators )
  6. Advanced Martial Horse Demonstration Team

Clinics Available: 

  1. Competing in The International Series
  2. I want to get a horse, what do I need to know?
  3. What your horse would like you to know
  4. Falling off my horse in style
  5. What do I need to do to get in shape
  6. Starting Your Horse - A beginners guide to equine behavior
  7. Basic Classical Horsemanship 
  8. Intermediate Classical Horsemanship
  9. Advanced Classical Horsemanship
  10. An Introduction to the Martial Horse
  11. Martial Horse Training 1
  12. Martial Horse Training 2
  13. Martial Horse Training 3
  14. An Introduction to the Joust
  15. Jousting 1
  16. Jousting 2
  17. Jousting 3
  18. An Introduction to Armor
  19. Armor 1
  20. Armor 2
  21. Armor 3

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