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Not all events will offer all classes.  Some individual classes maybe run simultaneously. Each class maybe divided into: Walk/Trot, Intermediate, Open, and/or Armored divisions.

Class List:

  1. Authenticity and Historical Impression
  2. Martial Horse and Rider Suitability
  3. Military Horsemanship
  4. Drill Team 
  5. LE Precision Field Trial
  6. Combat Horsemanship
  7. LE Tactical Field Trial
  8. Tactical Field Trial
  9. Armored Tactical Field Trial
  10. Rings
  11. Ride and Run
  12. Popcorn Jousting: (See Popcorn Joust Rules)
  13. Historic Jousting: (Early Period, Middle Period, Late Period divisions as needed) : (See Joust Rules)
  14. Sport Jousting: (See Joust Rules)

NOTE: Participation in Armored Division Classes (except Popcorn) are by invitation only.  


  • $25 Office/Insurance Fee
  • $10 per class (Except Joust Classes) ($5 discount per class for 4-H and Pony Club) 
  • $20 per class for Popcorn Joust (4 passes) ($1 per additional pass)($5 discount per class for 4-H and Pony Club) 
  • $150 per Historic/Sport Joust Class (includes tips for up to 24 passes) (Prices Subject to Change due to the fluctuating balsa market)
  • Weekend Package $155 - {$15 savings }
    • includes entry for one Armored Division Competitor into a Joust Class (Historic, Sport) and a mounted games class for both the Armored Competitor and their Personal Staff (Squire)  Weekend Package does not include $25 Office/Insurance Fee.
  • Series Package $600 - {$200 saving}
    • includes everything listed in the Weekend Package plus two Limited Edition Series shirts (one for you and one for your Squire) and $25 Office/Insurance Fee.
  • Sawdust will be available to purchase on site